How You Can Volunteer

 Volunteers at work

One of the keys to the success of Hawaii 3R’s will be securing volunteer professional services up front — architects, engineers, contractors, plumbers, carpenters, – to assess and then support a school’s undertaking. It may be a parent, alumni, or community member. It is also important to find a project manager (e.g., retired construction manager or trades person, PTSA or PCNC liaison) to help oversee the effort.Some schools will embrace the powerful community partnerships opportunities immediately, while others may opt to watch from the sidelines, and still others may decide it’s too humbug. Neither is right nor wrong.Yes, it will work. Yes, it will take commitment. But, the return is well worth the investment … in tangible results, community partnerships built, and in a better place for Hawaii’s children to learn.

Hawaii’s schools will need support from businesses, organizations, service groups, and individuals in the following ways:

  • Project managers to determine the scope of work for each job, including professional help, number of volunteers, equipment, and supplies needed.
  • On-site supervision.
  • Professional services such as painting or electrical repair.
  • Volunteer coordinators to recruit and manage volunteer help.
  • Volunteer laborers.
  • Funds to assist in matching skilled and unskilled volunteerism.
  • Supply or coordination of donated or loaned building materials, equipment and/or supplies.
  • Food and drinks for volunteers.